Azula’s characteristic bluish flames symbolized the advantage she possessed and always sought to boost

Azula’s characteristic bluish flames symbolized the advantage she possessed and always sought to boost

Her shortage of mercy together with accounted for their ability to create and you can direct super, the latest “cold-blooded flame”. [19] Considering Iroh, the experience necessary done command over the feeling, which may maybe not confirm problematic for Azula together with her that-song mentality. [40] From these feel, she was also a beneficial tactician, regularly demonstrating wise, effect, and you may ingenuity one greeting their to take advantageous asset of whatever disease. She had a great worry about-handle, up against down Long Feng and you may deceiving your whenever stored attentive, [7] and may also rest having a level deal with no bodily responses. [8]

Even when she apparently looked down on the Zuko all through the whole dating, thinking of your because the a failing and you may whiny guy which never stood up to possess themselves or even this lady especially, there are minutes whenever her view of your appeared to go up briefly

Ironically, for everyone their refinement and you can self-trust, Azula did hold particular low self-esteem. Down seriously to the woman sequestered life of royalty, she had setup a lot of societal ineptitude, especially in this lady suspicion of ideas on how to work to men, and you can she seem to discouraged them while in the discussions. Even in the event wanting to flirt with Chan, the girl domineering and you will megalomaniacal identity manifested in a way that disconcerted your and motivated his credit crunch. [9]

The girl very competitive characteristics appeared throughout good kuai ball game, and she afterwards admitted her envy more how much cash interest Ty Lee gotten out of someone else

While in the this lady coup at the orgasm off Ba Play Se’s fall, she try it’s pleased by Zuko’s solution to assistance their, musing you to Zuko got always intended to be an excellent Prince out-of the newest Flame Country assaulting of the the woman side. Almost after, but not, his concern to combat Katara brought about their disdain to body, thinking about your once the terrible and you can weakened to own letting himself be goaded very without difficulty. Still, when Zuko presented doubts regarding the his actions in assisting grab Ba Play Se however, betraying Iroh, she it’s did think he had complete their ultimate completion, when you are at the same time feeling pity with the proven fact that he might not comprehend the significance of what their tips entailed. [41] Azula are never ever pleased with just what she got, always battling for much more. Immediately following conquering Ba Play Se, she passed they onto a puppet leader to be used by Fire Country. Whenever she are skeptical that she had very were able to kill the brand new Avatar, she allow her to aunt make the borrowing toward observed kill, convinced he realized a method in which Aang you can expect to survive you to she didn’t. She is actually constantly making an application for significantly more to attempt to complete what she lacked, but it was never adequate. In a way, she was one in place of a finish line.

After, Azula started to inform you signs of a fine attitude. For all out-of her notice-promise, she try briefly determined into a rage whenever Mai betrayed the woman by permitting Zuko to flee and you may acknowledge to help you loving your a whole lot more than just she dreadful Azula. Because Azula transferred to struck the lady down, she try, therefore, briefly paralyzed by the Ty Lee. Immediately following her family relations was in fact apprehended, the latest annoyed little princess bought both of them are closed out and “leftover so you’re able to rot”. [8] Although it try apparent you to Azula kept by herself in the large value above their nearest and dearest, their sudden betrayal drove their with the line having an instant, hinting just just how volatile she would after turn out to be. [1] This betrayal influenced the lady such one she missing their generally speaking cool demeanor, once the obvious whenever she later attacked the brand new West Sky Temple. She is actually erratic and you can maniacal, demonstrably trying to vent this lady feelings of the seeking to eliminate the lady sibling.


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