Banana notes have been the latest currency utilized in Japanese Industry ranging from 1942 and 1945

Banana notes have been the latest currency utilized in Japanese Industry ranging from 1942 and 1945

banana currency, banana note n. [Eng.] hist. Report money, so-called because of an exemplory instance of a good banana tree towards the this new 10-money note, issued in the Singapore by the Japanese Military Government for the Japanese Community out of Singapore in the The second world war (1942 – 1945) that has been invalidated following battle which means that turned into worthless. 2005 Krist Boo This new Straits Moments (off Straits Minutes Interactive), twenty-eight July. 2005 Romen Bose The newest Straits Moments (away from Straits Moments Entertaining), 4 Sep. On Tuesday, Sept eight , the british Armed forces Management stated one aside from $1,100 and you will $10,one hundred thousand notes, which in fact had become handed in and you will taken into account, all of the pre-conflict Malayan and you will Straits Settlements money notes and coins could be legal-tender. Overnight, the japanese military’s ‘banana’ money became worthless. On Saturday, meat, which could be purchased getting 20 cents an excellent kati (605g) or 150 Japanese dollars to your black-market, ran up to 1,one hundred thousand Japanese bucks. From the Tuesday, Sept ten, all of the store, food stall and you will field are finalized. The british Armed forces Government reacted easily to the drama. The brand new files demonstrate that the principle municipal points administrator assured journalists one to large quantities away from Straits dollars notes have been readily available, that everybody might be reduced salary enhances and you may Allied servicemen have been currently purchasing its regional bucks, generally there could well be a great amount of court currency in the movement in the future. Meanwhile, the initial 100 % free rations from rice, sugar and you can salt started to be distributed. .. Brand new authoritative Japanese stop from inside the City Hall to the Sept 12, 1945, are a huge affair because the Uk Regal Marines lined brand new roads and you can crowds of people filled the new Padang. Toward most people however, the town Hallway ceremony, stored nothing benefit.

bandung /bahn-duung, ?b?nd?? / n. [poss. < Ind. Bandung, the provincial capital of West Java in Indonesia] A Malay or Indonesian milk drink flavoured with rose syrup. 2006 Eveline Gan Today, 31 July, 27 [O]ld-school beverages such as teh tarik, bandung and barley are served in traditional kopitiam mugs.

Towards Sunday, in the event the complete implication of one’s reports had sunk from inside the, not one person perform take on Japanese cash

bang balls v. phr. [Eng. transl. from Hk. pong kan] Pong Kan . 1978 Leong Choon Cheong Youth regarding Army 303 shag testicle. To feel crazy, fundamentally right down to not being able to do exactly what you to desires to carry out (owed, like, so you can needlessly strict legislation or perhaps to congestion from the an excellent manager). 1985 Michael Chiang Armed forces Daze 34 Bang testicle. Are aggravated.

Which have ‘banana’ money now meaningless, citizens were concerned about generating an income and getting dinner towards the the desk

bapok /bah-poh(k), ?bap?(k?) / n. [Mal. bapok, bapuk transsexual, girlie, doll, sissy, hermaphrodite ( Ridhwan )] derog. An enthusiastic effeminate male. Select and additionally Ah Kua , Muffadet . 2008 Wong Kim Hoh This new Straits Minutes (Saturday) , six September, D2 Build-up artist Lynette Leong aka Ginger, inside her 30s, says the [transsexual] neighborhood should put up with of a lot derogatory labels, plus ah kwa and you may bapok.

barang-barang / bah-rahng, ?b??r??? / letter. [Mal. barang-barang something; barang services and products, post, product ( Ridhwan )] Along with barang sing. step one Your private homes, esp. a great soldier’s kit. dos Posts otherwise anything together, impedimenta, paraphernalia. step one 1987 Toh Paik Choo On Vehicles 70 Please get rid of your barang-barang regarding blank room near to you. 1990 Mickey Chiang Assaulting Match: New Singapore Armed forces 114 Scarcely keeps ABC time for you to store his barang-barang , their house, regarding the case, then is actually purchased to alter to the PT equipment and you may fall inside, for the double quick time. 1994 C.S. Chong NS: An environment-Level Story 76 Stood exterior with your barang-barang and you can looked in strange interest. 2011 Daryl Chin (estimating Jonal Chong ) The fresh new Straits Moments , 31 July, B8 At this time, I can capture my personal barang barang (tools) privately on my subscribers house and offer hair-cutting services.. dos 1994 C.S. Chong NS: An air-Top Tale 77 Give them the bed linen as well as you to definitely barang-barang . 135 barang barang . Paraphernalia. 2010 Colin Goh New Week-end Times (LifeStyle), 18 April, 24 [W]elizabeth normally store following reduce all of our searching on your own vehicles, and you will keep hunting once again, without having to bring new barang-barang in the whole day.


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