This frames exactly what pieces are included in this listing and just why

This frames exactly what pieces are included in this listing and just why

Getting an overview of it area, and a definition of “online communities,” a track record of SNSs, and a literature feedback, get a hold of boyd & Ellison’s 2007 addition to your JCMC Special Procedure toward Social media Internet called Social network sites: Meaning, Background, and you can Scholarship. Analogy social network sites investigated become: Friendster, Myspace, Twitter, Orkut, Cyworld, Mixi, Black Globe, Dodgeball, and you can LiveJournal.

The study contains lower than is concentrated especially toward social networks (or “social networking” sites). A number of it is connected to social media, public app, Web2.0, social bookmark creating, instructional technologies, communities research, etc. however, this is not the brand new throwing attract and not everything you related to those other subject areas is roofed right here. It checklist is not methodologically or disciplinarily structured. There’s performs here of interaction, information science, anthropology, sociology, business economics, governmental technology, cultural degree, computer system science, etc.

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I keep which up to date thus please publish myself additional products as you learn of him or her. I do not servers stuff thus only those organized someplace else try connected. Excite contact the author if you would like a blog post which is maybe not linked.

Peer-Assessed Content:

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